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LMS presents keygen for Skill Soft Designing Windows 7 Client Configuration



          ISBN     : n/a                              Format     :n/a

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                             P R O D U C T = N O T E


           Title: Designing.Windows.7.Client.Configuration

           Description: Microsoft Windows 7 can be a standalone client 
           machine or part of a domain. Either way, users and administrators 

           should ensure that computers are secure and are configured properly

           to mitigate any issues. In a domain environment, client computers
           should have standardized settings to help reduce costs and desktop 
           support issues. This ensures the users and computers all have the

           same settings, which a user may or may not be able to change, 

           including desktop, security, and Internet Explorer. This course 

           demonstrates how to configure Group Policy settings to apply

           standard configurations and security settings to computers and users

           throughout a domain. It also demonstrates how to configure Windows

           7 security features, such as Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, 

           BitLocker, and AppLocker to secure client computers. It also outlines 

           how to configure Internet Explorer. This course is one of a series

           in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the

           Microsoft exam: 70-686. Pro: Windows 7,

          Enterprise Desktop Administrator. Passing this exam will earn the 

          learner Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Windows 7, Enterprise 

          Desktop Administrator certification.           









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